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Play Tales For Kids – the interactive way for children to enjoy stories

Traditional books and puzzles are great for helping your kids to learn through play and entertainment but with the evolvement of technology there are now a whole range of online alternatives like websites and apps that give your child the same experience but so much more choice and interaction. 

recent is a new take on a classic collection of fairy tales that allows your child to enter the magical world of the fairy tale and experience the sights and sounds come to life more than they ever could with words on a page. Traditionally children learn to read when they go to school at the age of 4-5. Before this they have to rely  on adults to read the stories for them. With these fairy tales they can experience the story for themselves without having to read any words. 


Bringing stories to life

When you imagine the way that children have experienced books up until now it is with a hard back book with thick pages that they look through once and then they are done with it. Although there are pretty pictures and colourful pages they don’t get the noises and animations that can be achieved by bringing these stories to life through a mobile or tablet device. 

The choices are much more

Imagine the space you would need for 10 books in a child’s room or playroom, not to mention the cost. Then having to replace them after a year because the child has grown out of them. They read them once, finish with them and then they go to the bottom of the pile. With our play tales they can enjoy the journey over and over again experiencing things that they may have missed on a previous occasion. Once they are bored with it (which will take longer than the traditional printed format) they can try another and experience the joy and fun all over again. 

Making learning fun

Although there are no words to read the child still learns how to enjoy a story. With these games they experience the beginning middle and end of a story as they would with any type of book and they will still find their favourite bits and have the experience of being taken through a story. Fairy tales always have a moral as well. This is a great way to bring meaning to the moral of the story and help the child learn it just as they would with a book.

Entertainment wherever you are

Whether the child is sat at home needing to be entertained or on a long car journey getting restless these play tales are on hand. With the swipe of a screen on a mobile or tablet they can be entertained and educated in no time at all. 
If you want your child to learn how to enjoy a story and to experience the sights and sounds of the story without the frustration of not being able to read the words then is an ideal way to achieve this.

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